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GIMP icon in 20.04 App Image
Hi, I have a machine with Ubuntu 20.04, there are not many customisations. When I use GIMP 2.10.22 as App Image, it shows an icon in the Dock, but when I right-click, it has no option to add as Favourite . Is there any way to have an icon in Dock and make it available clicking on which will start the App Image ?

If possible, an icon of our choice would be great. Thanks.

I do not have a regular ubuntu 20.04 so this in a ubuntu 18.10 VM - It should be the same.

What do you know about linux something.desktop files ?
For the appimage did you ever get a message like this ?

If you did, then look in ~/.local/share/applications/ for the file appimagekit-gimp.desktop There is an entry for the location of the icon file and a default is just Icon=gimp That can be edited to your own 'bespoke' icon. Put the full path in as:

That will show in the application menu and also when Gimp is running

If you do not have that .desktop file, give some info about where you have the appimage stored and I will try to make a simple template for you.
Thanks. It did ask for integration options and I opted for it.

I have experience editing the .desktop files. Possibly I will be able to change the icon path as suggested

I was not sure where to look :+1:

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