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GIMP installer linked to my old PC profile. Unable to change it.
I just had to delete GIMP off my computer recently and right now I'm trying to reinstall the program. However, I keep getting an error because the installer is still linked to my old PC profile. I used it to first download GIMP years ago and since then I moved on to a new one and deleted the PC user off my computer. My problem is that even though I am using the current PC profile, the installer's destination is still mapped to a folder in my old one

"C:\Users\Old Username\App Data\Local\Programs\GIMP 2"

The installer is linked to a folder on a profile that doesn't exist anymore and it doesn't let me change it. As a result, I am unable to get GIMP back on my PC. I even tried going into my hidden folders and in Appdata in my current profile and tried reinstalling. The installer still does the same thing. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue.
Same problem here:

Remove what you have installed using the Windows installer. Delete any remaining Gimp folders. Delete any Gimp profile

Use Windows regedit to find and delete:


Install Gimp using the installer.

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