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GIMP not responding on high file sizes.
If Ofnuts suggestion does not improve performance.

You could partly abandon Gimp and use command line applications for the unoptimise part, that might help (or maybe not Wink ) It might save a little time only partially using Gimp.

This old application gifsicle can unoptimise screenshot:

gifsicle.exe -U input.gif -o output.gif

Another approach might be split the gif up into separate frames using ImageMagic (IM) This will unoptimise and render each frame as a png

magick convert -coalesce input.gif output%05d.png

Then it depends on what you are interlacing? If an overlay of a single logo, might be easy, maybe using Gimp BIMP plugin on a folder full of files. Another animation to interlace, not so easy. IM has a full (confusing) page of various procedures.

You can also use IM to easily combine back to an animation:

magick convert -delay 20 -loop 0 *png output.gif

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