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GIMP not responding on high file sizes.
IMHO The problem is going to be lack of resources somewhere along the line, probably memory.

720p(rogressive) is 1280x720 frame size so making a 500 frame video that size.

I record in a comparatively loose compressed avi. (uncompressed, runs to Gb's - not used that for 20 years)
That clip is  8.6 MB. I export in divx(xvid) format for youtube 1.8 MB but that is a finished format not really suitable for video editing, and does not loop for web use.
I split that up using ffmpeg into 500 png images. Using my laptop which is very average these days, i5 2.4GHz  CPU / 8 GB memory

500 frames load (2 min -30sec). Shows as 1.4 MB in memory I can export as a gif animation full frame replace that took 2min-30 as well. gif file size - whopping 172 MB The frames do optimise in GIMP and export as a gif in combine mode, file size 2.8 MB Both these re-open in Gimp ok.

On to webp format. These do loop, file size can be better or equal to gif, hopefully better colour. Gimp will make a animated webp, from that earlier experience, very slow. So start it going, take the dog for a walk, have cups of coffee.

Caveat: I use linux but AFAIK there are Windows versions. 
Other ways: webp is a Google thing and there are a few tools, primarily for adding a few images as an animation. However there is one gif2webp which does what it says.  Gets a webp from a gif 5 to 6 MB in this case.

A better way is use those original separate png's with ffmpeg to render the webp video.  Size is smaller, 3 MB. Unfortunately the webp format is still not universal, not going to display here or imgur, so a little video of the results for comparison

direct link  duration  two and a half minute

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