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GIMP seems too dark to me

I previously had a GIMP that seemed quite bright to me and I saw everything more
clearly. After the update from openSUSE_Leap_15.2 to now 15.3, the GIMP appears
much darker, so that I have trouble seeing details.

How/where can I change that?

Thanks for hints.

Greetings, WGz
Gimp seems too dark

Is it the theme that you need to change.
In Edit -> Preferences -> Theme There are Dark / Grey / Light / System options The default is Dark example:
In Edit -> Preferences -> Icon Theme Change from a Symbolic theme to a colour theme and adjust the icon size example:

In addition, if you prefer the older tool box style Edit -> Preferences -> ToolBox and untick Use Tool Groups example:
Thanks for the quick and surprisingly precise answer.

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