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GIMP window expands to unviewable size
I'm using GIMP 2.10 on Slackware 14.2-current 64bit. I tried to post this to the 2.10 forum, but for some reason, I don't have the button to start a new thread on that forum. So, I'm asking here. Smile

When I start GIMP, the window fits on my screen and I can see all the tools. It's been working fine for weeks/month. Just today, when I open any of the projects I was working on, the window expands vertically to the point where I can't see the bottom of the tool options or the zoom tool. I know I can access the zoom through the View menu, but I prefer to just change from the tool at the bottom of the window. I haven't tried with each project I've been working, I'm up to 8 or 9 already, but the first 3 that I tried have had this problem.

I've quit and restarted the app several times now.

I went into the View menu and tried the Shrink Wrap and Fullscreen options to see if I could manipulate the window size, but after clicking on those, the window changes and if I click again to undo the change to the window, the window goes back to the bottom bleeding off of my screen.

I went to the desktop toolbar/taskbar and right-clicked on the window there to see if I could resize that way. I can only change the horizontal size, not the vertical size. If I used the full-screen/expand arrow in the upper right of the window, the top border of the window disappears and I can't get back to the arrow to turn off full-screen. And the bottom still doesn't show up, it's bleeding off of my screen like in all of the other sizes/positions.

The dimensions of the projects I'm working on are 2550 pixels wide x 3550 pixels tall. I had the zoom at 18% to view the whole thing and also at 100% to work on some details. 

Even when I open images and layers that I haven't edited yet, the window immediately shift to the unwieldy size.

How do I get the window to stay the same size after I open a project as it was when I first open the window?
I figured it out. I was looking in the Windows menu and unchecked the Single Window Mode. That led to 2 image windows, one of which I immediately deleted, since there were no layers or images in it. All of the images/layers I was working were in the other image window. Then I checked the Single Window Mode back on. The single window was still too tall.

I unchecked the Single Window Mode again. This time, I noticed the Brush Editor - Layer Window seemed pretty tall and the Layer section could only show 2.5 layers, instead of the normal 5 or so. I tried to grab the separator between the two sections to add more space to the Layers section, but it would not let me move adjust the separator. I started going through the tabs in the Brush Editor section. There were several there and a couple I haven't used and didn't recognize. I used the small arrow in the upper right to close those tabs. When those tabs were closed (can't remember which ones they were now), I could adjust the separator and I could also adjust the height of that window. With that window's height reduced, I check the Single Window Mode again and the window now fits like it did before.

I've added a screenshot of the window I adjusted (Brush Editor - Layer) when it was by itself after I unchecked the Single Window Mode. You can see a small arrow button that points to the left in the top right of the window, just below the X for closing the window. That arrow lets you edit the tabs that are in the top half/Brush Editor section of the window.

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Actually in that window you have two docks, the top one with (showing) fonts, brushes (selected tab), palettes, brushes, gradients... and the bottom one with the Layers, channels and paths lists. The [<] gives you access to two things: 1) a menu that lets you manage the tabs (although you can do most things there by drag and drop), and 2) a menu specific to the active tab (which is AFAIK identical to the right click menu in that same tab).

You can reorganize this at will. Personally I find that modern display are OK to display movies but much too wide and not high enough for actual work so I also organize docks horizontally. Currently my toolbox window looks like this:


On the left, the regular toolbox (with some tools added and some removed), the Layers/Channels/Paths list, and the error console at the bottom. I can easily shrink the console when I temporarily need more room in the layers list.

On the right, things that require some vertical space: list of assets (fonts, gradients, patterns...) and the Tool options dialog.

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