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GImp Slow and lags with the paintbrush. (on MacOs BigSur)
Hello there,

I've been looking for answers for 2months on my issue and the only threads i've found are from people complaining about GIMP running slow and no solution found.

I'm not an expert in programming or computer basically, but is there any manipulation that could solve this issue? Is it possible to go back to a previous version of Mac OS and would it help (in your opinion)?

I loved GIMP because it's a really good app for digital painting. I've never used any other app but since this bug came out i had to. I was hoping a solution would have been found by now but it seems to be a big(Sur Big Grin) issue...

Thanks a lot in advance!

PS: sorry for my english, i hope it's understandable
Depends a lot on the respective versions of Gimp and macOS. If you are on BigSur or later, make sure you are using Gimp 2.10.30, that fixed many issues with macOS.
hello, yes indeed, that's what i did and it didn't work unfortunately
Hi there,
Juste a feedback. It's been 1month since I posted my request and i've been looking really hard to find an answer. But i didn't. Since I can't stop digital painting, i had to look for another program.

I'm really sad because i've used Gimp for like 15years now and i've never experienced such a problem like this one.

I hope guys you'll be able to solve that issue for all Mac users.

Take Care,

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