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Gifs and Long Frame Delays
While searching another topic on this forum, I came across some posts where an observer mentioned that "not all browsers" were capable of  properly displaying gifs where long frame delays had been employed. They recommended doubling-up frames with a shorter interval, to achieve the same effect.

This was news to me.  So, I made a test gif where 1700 ms was specified for each frame. And, it seems to run fine for me (at least locally)  on Chrome, Firefox, and Konqueror.....making me curious as to which browsers are incompatible.

On the following graphic, there should be a succession of 4 identically sized squares, each in a different color, with a 1.7 second pause between each transition in color.   Is there anyone who this is not working for? And what browser are you using? (curious)

[Image: it19pCS.gif]


You didn't try IE or Edge, that are the usual suspects. Although since Edge use the same rendering engine as others, this could no longer be a problem (IE is deprecated, so if something doesn't work, who cares?).
Seems good to me time, it seems to follow your timing (counting 1 Mississippi and three quarter...)
Linux / Firefox here

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