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Gimp 2.10.10 and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Now up to Gimp 2.10.14

Using Ubuntu 18.04 'Bionic' or one of the spin-offs, Mint 19 for example, and wondering where the update to Gimp 2.10.10 is? So am I Wink

Note: This could change in 5 minutes / 5 hours / 5 days / never - who knows.
Update:Took a couple of days. As of 29 April, Gimp 2.10.10 is back in the more regular ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp 
Installation the same: as indicated.

Ubuntu is based on Debian and the base version in 'Bionic' is Gimp 2.8.22 Upgrading to Gimp 2.10 involves using a third-party PPA. This is the one normally used...


Edit: Fixed ...but at the moment, no version for 18.04 'Bionic'? It was there a few days ago, you might already have Gimp 2.10.8 installed.

For an upgrade add this PPA


In a terminal the sequence will be

Add the PPA repository
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp

alternative: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp-stable-prepare but keep in mind for the future.

Update the package lists

sudo apt update

Then it really is best if you install all the latest packages, there will be many, often security updates, up-to-you.

sudo apt upgrade

for Gimp 2.10.1014

sudo apt install gimp

One thing missing from this is python support so

sudo apt install gimp-python

Edit: Gimp 2.10 always catches me out Wink  Rarely need to use the mypaint tool but good fun and worth having. Tried to use it and no brushes The my-paint brush package is not a dependency.

To install the brushes:

sudo apt install mypaint-brushes

All being well, you get your updated Gimp Smile

If updating your 'buntu bionic / Mint 19 installation and get this message

Quote:"" bionic InRelease' changed its 'Label' value from 'gimp' to 'gimp stable

Try this command:

sudo apt-get --allow-releaseinfo-change update

The advice is then "ignore any errors relating to gimp" and install updates as usual.

That worked here Kubuntu 18.04 / Gimp 2.10.12 from the PPA. No more error message.

(I wonder if that means no more Gimp updates for Bionic? )
Thank you. Worked for me, too.
(Linux Mint 19.2 MATE)

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