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Gimp 2.10 and Ubuntu 22.04
Some notes on installing Gimp 2.10.x in Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy)

The Ubuntu software centre will give you a snap version 2.10.28 - not a lot of use
The regular Gimp from the ubuntu repository (repo) is 2.10.30 which is ok, but stuck at the version.
This demo shows using an additional repo (PPA) 
Go there and see how to install Gimp.

There is a glitch with this PPA, the latest libgegl is required. In terminal run

sudo apt install libgegl*

duration 3'40"

None of the above Gimp versions / packages include any python2 libraries required for Gimp python plug-install. The old gimp-python .deb packages are no longer compatible so one way is using an appimage launcher from:

That also has a glitch, it uses fuse2 and Ubuntu 22.04 comes with fuse3. The fix, in a terminal

sudo apt install fuse

Go here:

Download this appimage gimp-python2-overlay-launcher-ubuntu22.04.AppImage 27MB

No need to mess with fuse

This demo with an example of a python plugin (the ever popular resynthesizer/heal-selection)

duration 4'24"

To round off Gimp and jammy The gmic_gimp_qt plugin. It does not require python but it does need some depencencies to get it going. In a terminal use:

sudo apt install libfftw3*
sudo apt install libqt5widgets*

demo: duration 3 minutes


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