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Gimp 2.10 color eyedropper wrong color

So I am running Gimp 2.10.0 on Kubuntu 18.04
The weird thing I notice is that when I use the color eyedropper tool in color selector, it gives me a totally wrong color value.
No matter where I click to grab a color, it always gives me #007efc

When I use the KColor Chooser program for KDE, it gives me correct color values everytime.

Any ideas ? I have no clue what happens here.

Thanks in advance.
I can reproduce that in a Kubuntu 18.04 / Gimp 2.10.0 VM. Using Change FG (or BG) with color picker always gives some blue value.

as this screen shot.

The color picker tool works ok. The paint tool + ctrl to pick a colour, also works.

My regular Kubuntu 16.04 + Gimp 2.10.0 flatpak does not have the bug, I assume it is a 'buntu 18.04 thing. Difficult to report as a Gimp bug.

You might have to live with it until updates come along and use alternatives for FG/BG colour picker.

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