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Gimp 2.10 stalling while rescaling image
I'm working on some old photos and scaling several up for printing. About half the time, GIMP stalls out in the process and when it does complete, it takes anywhere from several seconds to a few minutes. I do not know if this is a problem with GIMP or my computer. I'm using a fully updated (10.0.19401 Build 19041) installation of Windows 10 Home on a 2017 HP Pavilion with an Intel i7-8700 processor, 5.81 GB available physical memory and 23.8 GB of Available Virtual memory. I have no problems with anything else, and the images that stall out GIMP rescale instantly in IrfanView. 

I've begun saving and copying my initial crop and whatever small amount of work I may have done before I begin scaling in GIMP, then if necessary, paste the copied image into IrfanView for scaling, pasting it back into GIMP. 

My most recent stalled image entered GIMP at 1321 x 942 pixels (4.40 x 3.14 in). It stalled when I attempted to scale it to 2100 x 1500 pixels (5 x 7 in). As I said, it scaled instantly in IrfanView with perfectly acceptable results, but I'd prefer to stay in GIMP. 

Any explanations or suggestions?

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Gimp 2.10 stalling while rescaling image - by Ritergeek - 11-20-2020, 04:53 AM

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