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Gimp 2.10 with old vignette.scm from Plugin registry.
Hi, my first message in here  Smile  don't know much about scripts and all, but I really wanted this to work...

So I installed Gimp 2.10 and quickly found out that many scripts would generate errors.
Sadly one of my favorite (Vignette script) from:
Dom_C at "" would not work anymore.

The first error was: Error: eval: unbound variable: NORMAL
Quit Gimp
So I open the script file "vignette.scm" for me it was in:
I search for the word "NORMAL" and replaced it with a zero "0"

Re-started Gimp and tried again.
Then second error was: Error: Procedure execution of plug-in-gauss-iir failed...
Quit Gimp
Again in the script file "vignette.scm":
I search for the word "plug-in-gauss-iir" at this point I did many trial and error to finally figure that it was with the radius so I searched for "radius" and finally found this line:
"(theRadius (* inRadius (/ (max theWidth theHeight) 25) ) )"
I replaced it with a different value like this:
"(theRadius (* inRadius (/ (max theWidth theHeight) 400) ) )"

Tried it with images of "RGB color 8-bit gamma integer" and
"RGB color 32-bit linear floating point 6000x4000"
and it worked for me Smile
I hope, for those who like this old script, this will help..
Have a nice day.

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