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Gimp 2.8.22 How do I crop to a Free Selection?
Quote:How do I put one image onto another? I need to put a pencil, a paintbrush, a set of music notes, and letters and numbers in certain specific places on the big smiley face I've drawn and saved. Also: how do I fine-tune the size of these images as I place them on the smiley face?....snip.....
....The scale tool won't let me fine-tune the scale of my second layer. Also, when I try to move my second layer as a floating layer, I can only see it within a rectangle. .....snip....
.... When I enlarge the image I'm placing on my base layer, IT gets bigger but the rectangle in which I can view it (as a separate second layer) does not. Maybe this is just a version 2.8.22 issue?

Making heavy going of this Wink Have to confess, I do not understand that last bit, I think you must be copying and pasting. Not a good idea. Add your images using File -> Open as Layers Then each layer can be adjusted as required.Save your work as a Gimp .xcf file. All layers are saved and you can go back and adjust later if required.

This might be a little simple for you, but there might be something that you can use. Sorry forgot about text, but the text tool add its own layer anyway.  All in Gimp 2.8.22


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RE: Gimp 2.8.22 How do I crop to a Free Selection? - by rich2005 - 06-20-2022, 08:23 PM

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