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Gimp 2.8.22 refusing to load font
3 hours of unsuccessfully trying to load a font - what sounds like a simple task - has single-handedly lead me to make an account here.

I have a custom .ttf that I made and that I've updated and re-installed C:\Windows\Fonts several times, but Gimp's font list only shows a super out-of-date build of the .ttf and I can't figure out for the life of me how to make it recognize the existence of the new version.

I've tried fiddling with the Preferences dialog and adding C:\Windows\Fonts to the Preferences > Folders > Fonts list and then refreshing the font list.

I've tried copy-pasting the .ttf from C:\Windows\Fonts into C:\Users\Arcaeca\.gimp-2.8\fonts (also specified in Preferences).

I've tried completely wiping the fontconfig caches at C:\Users\Arcaeca\AppData\Local\fontconfig\cache and restarting Gimp.

I've tried rebuilding the font cache with this .bat file.

I've even tried a hard reinstall of Gimp.

And I cannot for the life of me get this new version to show up in the font list in Gimp. It still has the old version, which isn't even installed on the system anymore.

To be clear, MS Word can use the new font just fine, as can Paint (kind of), but I tried downloading Inkscape as well to see if it could circumvent the problem but also can't access the new version of the font for some reason. Is there some other font cache I just can't find?

How. How can I force Gimp to realize there's been an update?

Running 2.8.22 on Windows 10, if it helps.

Since it is also a problem with Inkscape see if this makes any sense to you.
Two possible solutions:

  1. Install the font for Gimp only, by putting the TTF in the fonts directory of your Gimp profile.
  2. Have Gimp rebuild its own font cache (see here for where it is, in your case, just erase everything).
You may have to combine them because even if you install a Gimp-specific font the old cache contents may mask the new version.

If I had to place bets, Gimp is more likely to notice a new font version if the font file is in your Gimp profile than if the file is installed for Windows (in that case, Gimp doesn't really know which file it comes form and so cannot determine if this is a new version).

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