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Gimp 2.9.5 Smudge tool
The occasional report on Gimp 2.9.5 features.

The Smudge tool now has a painting capability.

It first came up here as: and has now been implemented.

As a non-painter the basics are

Using the new parameter flow rate = 0 the smudge tool acts as before.
Increase the flow rate and the smudge tool takes the foreground colour and blends with the underlying colour.

Comparison: Previous dialogue is on the left and smudge tool vs. paintbrush. Going to need a 4k monitor before long for tool options. Wink

[Image: Lr64ByA.jpg]

There is a bit more to than that. 
No erasing effect = 'never decrease the alpha of existing pixels' 
That gradient selection under dynamics which is also in other paint tools.

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