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Gimp 2.9.5 text along path
Another infrequent report on Gimp 2.9.5 

I do not know when this came in precisely, some time ago but I just noticed it.

The Text-along-Path is improved. If the path is a little on the short side the text-path no longer shoots off to the corner. It means you can be a little off in your estimate of path length.

[Image: ZcscUiy.jpg]
Is 2.9.5 fairly stable to use, or do you recommend waiting to upgrade?
You could be waiting a comparatively long time for Gimp 2.10

I find the (now) development version 2.9.7 stable for most use. There are functions that are still work-in-progress.

For a Window user, the milestone development Gimp 2.9.6 will co-exist with Gimp 2.8.x This is for 64 bit Windows installations only Possibly in the future a 32 bit version but the trend is away from maintaining two versions.

Simple precautions needed when installing,

Temporary rename your gimp 2.8 profile to prevent copying all that obsolete junk to Gimp 2.9

The Gimp 2.9 profile is now in User\Appdata\Roaming. Once you start accumulating resources, brushes, fonts ... create some easily found folders and add them to the appropriate folders path in Gimp 2.9 Edit -> Preferences -> Folders.

Where to get an installer.

The official one
Partha has just released his Gimp 2.9.6
Thank you for the information.

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