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Gimp 2.9.7 Paste In Place
Another update arrived.

What is new?  There are additions to the Edit -> Paste options. These came from user a request, so the developers do take notice of wishes (sometimes)

Paste In Place
Here I copied a selection, pasted into a smaller canvas with the copy at the same x,y as the original.

[Image: 8fjOu6G.jpg]

...and.. a new splash when loading

[Image: WfIW9sS.jpg]

If you know any obscure developer jokes do not post here, send them to the developers mailing list Wink

For 'buntu (and derivatives)

The PPA for installing Gimp 2.9.x in place of Gimp 2.8.x 
see for instructions.

To keep your existing Gimp 2.8 and try out Gimp 2.9 the portable version assembled from that PPA
Links are still here:

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