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Gimp Plugin required
Hello everyone!

I need the effect you see in the image for pictures, the original idea is to use a cutting plotter ...I tried lots of options and I need to know if there is any plugin that could give me that kind of result.
Any help would be really appreciated
Thanks a lot
Best regards

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I don't know what a cutting plotter is, but I am familiar with a vinyl cutter. A small hobbyist one. These cutters use vectors. Does the cutting plotter accept svg files? If so, Inkscape is the app to use. If you start with a bitmap it will need to be traced to convert it to vector. Inkscape can do that, or the cutting plotter software might be able to trace bitmaps.

An image like your example needs to be simplified substantially. That probably means manual tracing, not the automatic tracing that Inkscape can do. You also need to know about islands and bridges or you just end up with vinyl confetti.

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