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Gimp does not export
I hope someone can help me 
I have been working for some time now with Gimp so I kinda know how it works,
But since yesterday I got this weird problem.

Gimp does not export files anymore.
When I go for export or export as, it gives me the pop up for my directory. 
When giving my work a name and an extension, like I always do, and click export ... it doesn't.

It doesn't do anything anymore. I can close the pop-up though by clicking on the cross, but that's about it.

What did I do?
Hoping it would help, I uninstalled the software, and re-installed it.
Nothing. Tried it again.
raised my work memory (might help huh)
Re-installed it again.
restarted the computer 
etc ... etc ...
Well, after all that trying and searching I think it is time to find some help.

oh, but the way ... meanwhile I had it also updated to the latest version, but ... nothing ... :-)

Re-installing Gimp over and over again rarely fixes anything.

I was going to suggest a complete purge of all Gimp files, then a reinstall Wink

but I wonder if this might work, about Windows Controlled Folder Access

Can you save to the same directory in which you can't export?

Are you using the console dialog? (if so, did you check it for messages).

What actual version are you using? Your profile says V3, but that one isn't available yet(*). Best you can have is 2.99 if you are very brave.

(*) this value is a honeypot for spammers, I don't expect real users to tick it.

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