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Gimp leaving dots not lines.
Gimp:  Using latest update.
Tablet:  Huion Graphic Tablet Model 420

When drawing a normal stroke with pen, it leaves dots about 60% of the time, not lines.  Makes it very impossible to draw.  My tablet works in other programs like Paint and Photoshop.  Any suggestions?
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled Gimp.
  • Reset Huion tablet settings, checked pen sensitivity.
Any suggestions for me?  =/  I just got my new Huion pen and would love to draw!
These (huion / xp-pen / monoprice etc ) tablet manufacturers never guarantee that their tablet will work with Gimp. That model, no mention of anything. 3 page user manual Wink

Not your model but try adjusting the pressure settings as this post:

A bit old but a later post also says it works.

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