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Gimp morphing plugin + video hints
An earlier post asked about using the old GAP package, problems with that and also the included morph plugin.

As a trial, the whole of the old-and-flakey GAP package is not needed, the morph plugin on its own works fine.

There are any number of howto's/tutorials on the internet for using GAP, if you are into animation, go for those.

Morphing 2 images together can be a bit of fun, so I have attached for Windows users (linux users look in your distro GAP package) 
gap_morph.exe which provides the morphing interface which just exports all the layers to separate files if you want to make a video (plugin thanks to Kevin)

Unzip and put in your Gimp user profile plugins folder C:\Users\"yourname"\AppData\Roaming\GIMP\2.10\plug-ins

You might just want a gif animation but often a video is both better quality and a much smaller file size.

Some hints on making a video. Plenty of video editor/tools around. I suggest Avidemux

...and...the inevitable video about the whole thing

direct link duration 7 minutes

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