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Gimp settings folder location
Hi. By default, gimp creates a program settings folder in Windows 7 in the root directory of your user folder, usually "C:\Users\Administrator\.gimp-2.8". How can you change the location of that folder to be in the AppData, Roaming folder, for example, "C:\Users\Computer User\AppData\Roaming\.gimp-2.8"?

I've tried to change the "temporary folder" and "swap folder" locations in edit, preferences, folders, but it keeps creating the .gimp-2.8 folder in the default folder location. Thanks.
For Gimp 2.8:
GIMP respects a number of environment variables.

to get the name of the personal GIMP directory. If unset .gimp-2.8 is used. If this is an absolute path, it is used as
is. If it is a relative path, it is taken to be a subdirectory of the home directory.

In Gimp 2.10, the user profile is natively in AppData/Roaming.
So how do I change the location of the ".gimp-2.8" folder from "C:/Users/Administrator" to "C:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Roaming"? I've tried to change the folder location in gimp's settings, but it keeps creating the ".gimp-2.8" folder in "C:/Users/Administrator". Could you please provide detailed and easy to follow instructions of how to do that? Thanks.
In Windows, Control Panel>System>Advanced and IIRC there is an Environment variables... button. You click it and this opens a dialog that lets you set/edit environment variables. You can the add a "user" variable with name  GIMP2_DIRECTORY and value C:/Users/Administrator/AppData/Roaming.

This said, running Windows as "Administrator" is not a good idea.

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