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Gmic Qt on iMac M1 macOS 14 Sonoma
Hi, I can't find the installation files, they are not available for macOS on the original Gmic site, can anyone help me? Thank you.
Linux user here: I think you are going to be out-of-luck. One of the benefits of using expensive Apple is 'nothing works' unless Apple supports it and you 'pay-for-it'. Please excuse my jaundiced view.

The advice from the gmic page for trying partha or aferrero versions is well out of date. 3 years old and both people have vanished for whatever reasons.

Not a lot of luck using MacPorts see: but might be worth a try.

Not difficult to compile in linux, I wonder why not for MacOS ? It is a great plugin, you can only hope it becomes available in the future.

Edit: Just a thought, Krita has a MacOS version and comes with its own gmic plugin (at least the linux version does) currently krita 5.2 and gmic 3.2.4
I thank you for the answer. I see that there is a less than perfect vision of the Apple world, numerous open source software works on my iMac without having to pay anything. Any examples? Darktable, Rawtherapee, Gimp, Krita, ... remaining in the photographic field.
Speaking of Krita, the macOS version contains the Gmic plugin, but I would also like it with Gimp which is my favorite.
I also tried to install with Macports from the terminal, but the procedure starts and continues for hours without ever stopping (I stopped it before it finished).
Thanks anyway, any opinions are welcome.
I was able to install Partha's McGimp and, although it crashes immediately, has installed GmicQt plugin that works for Gimp 2.10.36 also (same works directory). But GmicQt version is 2.9.3.

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