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Gradient Editor
Once one creates a custom gradient,  it needs to be saved to   /home/(yourdistro)/.config/GIMP/2.10/gradients.... And in Akana Peck's book Beginning  Gimp it states "once you've edited a gradient to your liking, the save button adds the gradient to your GIMP profile".

But just where is this "save" button? I've looked quite a bit, and tried gladhanding the user interface hoping to find an Easter egg...but can find nothing with a defacto "save" feeling to it.

Oddly enough, I've found that if I  hit the "duplicate this gradient" button twice, it will place a gradient.copy.ggr file in the designated directory, which works, but I'm just at a loss where I'm missing the save button..

Gimp 2.10.22

Yep, Save in the Gradient Editor dock  vanished with Gimp 2.10

I suppose the Gradient Editor is somewhat redundant now. There is always a 'custom gradient' top of the list which reflects what shows on the canvas. Do your editing on the canvas, click to add stops etc, and then duplicate 'custom' and rename it to suit.

Thanks for the feedback. I was starting to suspect perhaps I was more lost than the "save" button.

Regarding your suggestion to edit the gradient "on canvas", are you talking about the main Gimp canvas?

If so, wouldn't that forgo useful functions in the gradient editor such as "replicate segment"?

If that seems like a dumb question, I'm trying to flesh-out the " editor is redundant" part of your reply.

IC now, I thought you were saying the gradient editor was no longer useful, my bad spin on your intent with "redundant"


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