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Gradients between paths
I have GIMP 2.10.10 on Windows.

Is there a way to apply a gradient from one (closed) path that terminates around another (closed) path. I am attempting to show elevation on a map and I can assign a certain color to specific distances above/below sea level. But I cannot see how to use gradients to blend these colors so that the terrain looks more "natural". The gradient would need to follow both the contours of the outer path (perhaps as the background color) and use the contours of the inner path (the foreground color) as its limit. Or is there an alternative way to do this? Thank you!
Quick answer because it's late...

if the paths have the same number of anchors and the anchors in one path are near the anchor at same index in the other path, you can generate intermediate paths with ofn-path-inbetweener

Once you have generated the paths, you can stroke them with a color picked along a gradient using ofn-stroke-fill-paths.

Example here.

Scripts are here. Install instruction at bottom of page. The ZIP contains a doc.
An alternative, an old script-fu RMA_path_blend.scm from (about 4 down the list)

In action looks like this Can leave a few defects that require a touch up but the pair of paths can contain a different number of anchors.

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