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Guide to Ofnuts Tools
Well, as threatened, it's out: download here
  1. As always, feedback welcome (keeping in mind that I am only responsible for collating Ofnuts documentation into e-book format--epub)
  2. For those unfamiliar with epubs, basic tips on epub usage on your computer can be found here
  3. Another tip:
  • create a directory (folder) 'Guides'
  • put there your downloaded guides, cheat-sheets and other helping documents, or links to them
  • add the folder to your taskbar as 'new taskbar'
  • remember that epubs are fully text-searcheable, besides coming with a nice Table of Contents
Just updated, with the last addition:
Ofnuts, you're welcome! Big Grin
(By the way: small hitch with the download link, fixed)

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