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HUION 610 Pro tablet issues with GIMP 2.10
Hi all, 

I have a problem in regards to the tablet I just bought and it working with GIMP 2.10. I have the Huion 610 pro, which claims to be compatible with GIMP, but I'm not having much luck with it. The cursors track my pen on the tablet, and I can get one dot of paint on my canvas, but after that initial dot, nothing. 

I have done a clean install of both GIMP and the software for the tablet. I have checked out the preferences > input device > Huion Tablet and reset everything to see if it fixed. I have also restarted GIMP to see if it fixes the settings. It shows up in the devices tab with multiple different icons (same as the cursor), but I continue to only get a single dot on my page when I got to test it.

Any ideas on how to fix this? 
Not too many Huion users around here so you might not get an answer soon.

In the mean time check

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