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HUION 610 Pro tablet issues with GIMP 2.10
Hi all, 

I have a problem in regards to the tablet I just bought and it working with GIMP 2.10. I have the Huion 610 pro, which claims to be compatible with GIMP, but I'm not having much luck with it. The cursors track my pen on the tablet, and I can get one dot of paint on my canvas, but after that initial dot, nothing. 

I have done a clean install of both GIMP and the software for the tablet. I have checked out the preferences > input device > Huion Tablet and reset everything to see if it fixed. I have also restarted GIMP to see if it fixes the settings. It shows up in the devices tab with multiple different icons (same as the cursor), but I continue to only get a single dot on my page when I got to test it.

Any ideas on how to fix this? 
Not too many Huion users around here so you might not get an answer soon.

In the mean time check
(05-30-2018, 05:30 PM)rich2005 Wrote: Not too many Huion users around here so you might not get an answer soon.

In the mean time check

That link did have the answer. There may not be many Huion users around now but there will be. Just got the new top rated 19.5 inch for $363 on a lightning round at Amazon. Big Grin A sign of things to come.
After working with the Huion awhile, I feel the Huion is a great tool. I can use it with Gimp for editing graphics, but Gimp doesn't recognize the many levels of brush sensitivity, like other software I have. Considering that I use Gimp for editing graphics, not drawing, I am happy.
I have a XP-Pen Star G430 (OSU tablet) and it works fine with gimp. Any graphics tablet should work with gimp, Krita, inkscape, etc.

The difficulty is usually getting the tablet to work on the computer.
These step solve your problem

Step 1: Plug in your device.

Step 2: Open Gimp.

Step 3: Go to Edit.

Step 4: Go to Input Devices.

Step 5: Select Huion which will appear in the box on the right (as long as the device is plugged in.)

Step 6: Click the mode box and select Screen.

Step 7: Go to Axes and select Pressure, in the box on the bottom labeled Curve Type select Free Hand.

Step 8: Click save and then Close.

Step 9: Keep the device plugged in all the while and close gimp. Then reopen it and you will be able to draw. ( Make sure you tap the pen though to wake it up.) Wink

Hope this helps ;p
Very dubious post, Android using Gimp 2.4 making a copy from here;

might work / might not.

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