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Handling Text Layers
I sometimes see a beginner ask do I make text, move it around and then anchor it where I want it...
Perhaps confusion after coming to Gimp from some other application.

The basic working of the text tool are shown in this video about 5 minutes duration.

Apart from that the following video demonstrates

1. Ways to move the entered text
- use the text tool handles
- a better way, use shift-alt to move the on canvas text tool
- or using the move tool.

2. Adding a second (or more) text layer
- two small text layers
- Adding a new text layer over a existing large text layer.

Anchoring a text layer?. Not in Gimp, leave the text layer as-is Want to leave the text tool, select a different tool.

6 minutes duration.
Nice, learned a few new things !

Never put much thought into the problem of creating a new textlayer...i just used to duplicate the existing and change the text.

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