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Heal & Clone Tool
I am running on High Sierra 10.13.4 on a 27' Mac, when trying to use the heal tool or 

the clone tool right clicking on the mouse & holding Ctrl only brings up a dialogue list,

I was under the impression from the tutorials that I have viewed that this action should

activate another circle dependant on the brush size then transfer the sample from the original 

circle. What am I doing wrong please
Hold down the Ctrl and *left* click the mouse to set the source of the clone tool.
(for Windows that is, not sure about Mac)
I believe the ctrl key equivalent in a Mac is the 'command' key.

This from another source, might be worth a try

>- Go to "System Settings"
>- Select "Mouse and Touchpad"
>- UNCHECK the box "Show position of pointer when the Control key is
>Then restart GIMP

Otherwise have you any other software that uses that particular key sequence (ctrl)/command - leftclick

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