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Help: Scale tool snapping strangely?
Hi all,

I've been using GIMP for a few months and a strange new behavior has started with the Scale tool... resizing works normally but when I try to move the selection, it's started only moving along vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines and snapping strangely. It makes it frustrating to move selections precisely. So far as I know I didn't change any snap to gridline settings or anything like that, and the behavior is persisting after uninstalling 2.10.8 and reinstalling 2.10.10.  Any clues?

Also while I'm here, anyone have tips for how to get the buttons larger than the "Huge" setting will allow? I have a UHD screen and the largest UI settings still are pretty tiny.

1) many "problems" with Gimp are due to settings that are kept in your Gimp  profile. When you uninstall, the profile isn't erased, and once you have reinstalled, the new version reuses the profile, with its existing "problems".  So reinstalling is rarely useful. (althoughin this ecase you at least upgraded). Now the behavior you describe looks a lot like the "grid" is activated, even if not visible. See View>Snap to grid to reset it.


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