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Help! Updating libgegl-0.4-0
After the latest update to gimp, I need an updated libgegl-0.4-0.

If I do:
apt list --upgradable I get:

If I then do:
sudo apt upgrade I get:
that the three packages have been kept back:
3 not to upgrade.

How do I solve this problem?
All help gratefully received.

Edit: I should have added that this is the pandajim 2.10.30 with python 2.7 support (thanks to Rich) - everything working until the update today.
Can you give details of the OS version you are now using. The PandaJim packages are dependent on ubuntu (and equivalent Mint...) version. So only 20.04 / 21.10 / 22.04 (Mint 20.3 ?) get the latest Gimp 2.10.32 


I am using kubuntu 20.04 and upgraded to Gimp 2.10.32 without problem. GEGL 0.4.36 is a dependency of libgimp and is updated along with Gimp, no need for a separate update. The same applies to libheif which is a Gimp package dependency.
My existing python 2.7 installation is still working.

Edit: Did you up-date the package list sudo apt update
Thanks for the quick reply.
OS is Ubuntu 20.04. When I up-dated the package list (sudo apt update) it told me 3 packages to upgrade, but they were held back when I gave the upgrade command. I confirmed in Synaptic that GIMP is now 2.10.32.

I am reluctant to go further without advice in case I create more chaos!
Is Gimp working correctly ? Most of the filters are now GEGL Do they work - look in Filters - Blur Does Gaussian blur work ?

Since I am using 20.04 as well, just tried a sudo apt list --upgradable which lists nothing likewise sudo apt upgrade pulls in a updated package list and nothing to upgrade.

If Gimp is working I would leave it at that. Do you have any broken packages listed in Synaptic ?
Gimp does not open. I get "GIMP Message GEGL version too old!" and it tells me to update to version 0.4.36 or later.

No broken packages listed in Synaptic.
How did you install Gimp ?  Did you add the PPA to the repo list ? 

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/gimp

 --and then
sudo apt update
sudo apt install gimp

Since you have Synaptic installed. Have a look at the libgegl package. It should be the one from PandaJim, obviously not in your case, so right click for properties then versions and see what you have.


While you have Synaptic open, check in Preferences - Distribution Always prefer highest version should be set.


I know that sometimes there is a block on the PPA but since you have Gimp it can't be that. Anything else ? Do you have any pinned packages that might prevent libgegl updating. Very-very unlikely since AFAIK Gimp is the only GEGL user.
The PPA is ubuntuhandbook1/gimp/ubuntu focal main



Edit: Synaptic is set to prefer the latest version.
Ouch, a real mis-match of packages. You have been using the Rob Savoury PPA and ...maybe something else


The first thing to do is disable the Rob Savoury PPA (2) in Synaptic The Settings - Repositories section. Untick the Rob Savoury entries. If you ok that Synaptic will remind you to refresh the package list. Click the reload button to refresh the package list. Now go to the libgegl entry and try a re-install. I am not sure where the 4.34 (now) (1) entry comes from but the PandaJim version (3) should now register as the most recent and take precedence.

Many thanks Rich!!!!

With that PPA disabled it upgraded instantly. Everything appears to be back to normal. (The "now" entry disappeared.)

I don't know what many of us would do without your help.

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