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Help/suggest how to make the images more similar
Help/suggestion how to make these images more similar

I'm looking for help/suggestion on how to make these two images appear more similar.
The arrow(click) image seems to be thicker and brighter than the finger(touch) image.
What do you suggest? And what would be the easiest way to accomplish your suggestion, please.

(- and maybe also turn the finger so it is diagonal like the arrow?)

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The lines of the hand arent white, so i would rotate the layer by 45°, then boost it to white with the Levels Tool.
That also brightens the background so i would remove it with Colour To Alpha and put a new layer in the original background colour behind it, to get back where we started.
You could mess with selections for ever more. 

Easiest way, trace it with a path, rotate the path, stroke the path.

example attached

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.xcfgz   touc10.xcfgz (Size: 7.32 KB / Downloads: 17)
For somebody who apparently doesnt know about rotating, tracing isnt easy....
I remember the Path Tool used to drive me crazy when i was a beginner.

Its without a doubt the best way though !
Thanks for the great replies. Much appreciated.
I used the levels tool, changed the background to transparent, then to the color.
It looks brighter, however, it looks a little jagged, not so smooth. Any ideas?
Here's the result attached

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Well thats the problem with this whole situation.
Thats why rich is right that tracing is the best solution. But its also a bit like shooting with cannons on sparrows.

When you crank the Level too much up, you lose the anti-aliasing (the semi transparent pixels that prevent the strokes from looking jaggy).
Its especially delicate because the image is so tiny. Your stroke has a width of 2 pixels. Thats just one pixel left for antialiasing.

In my opinion what you present us here is a very common noob situation.
The source material is far from ideal and too small, you think an image editor should be able to easily fix your problem.
It sounds so simple: all you want is to make it look brighter.

But in reality (and keep in mind that im a bit of a sick perfectionist), its not easily done.

So heres what you can do:
- live with the fact that it will not look perfect
- find a better image
- make your own symbol

I would try to find a better image. Preferably vector. Do a reverse google image search !
Or do a search for clipart, etc.

With that being said, here is what i was able to do:


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