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Help with Painting
Hello I am back, needing help with editing another painting for prints....

So I have attached a cropped photo of what I am working with at the bottom. Basically my painting involves a simple line painting of a woman with curly strands everywhere. It involves white lines, blue lines for the curls and an orange background. In the actual painting the paint leaves an intense texture. For the prints I just want it to be a solid, un-textured version. Now I am wondering if there is a way to somehow select each section, Like select all the blue lines/curls to colour them a  solid blue, or select only the background to paint it a solid orange? Basically any way besides the lasso selection tool (because its taking me FOREVER). The fuzzy select tool doesnt work well either. I hope I explained this clearly enough?

Let me know if anyone knows of any short cut that wont cause me to rip out my own hair  Smile

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Try the median blur (Filters>Blur>Median blur), either directly on the picture:


Or to reduce color bleed, only on the luminosity channel

* Colors>Components>Decompose and pick the HSV or HSL model (I used HSL)
* Select the Luminosity/Lightness/Value layer in the new image, and make the other two invisible if they are above it
* Filter>Blur>Median blur and blur to remove the texture but not destroy the shapes
* Colors>Components>Recompose

Thank youuuuuu Big Grin

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