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Help with functions

do you know if it is possible to script funciton:

colors - desaturate - color to grey?

I didn t find it

as well as: colors- Color temerature

Thanks for your help
In python, either:

pdb.gimp_desaturate_full(drawable, desaturate_mode)
(and essentially the same in script-fu)

I have no "Color>Color temperature" in my Gimp, it must be an add-on script/plugin? I can't answer without seeing it.
There is one by Luca de Alfaro: (under Filters/Colors/ convert color temperature
"; Colortemp is a script for The GIMP
; Description: converts the color temperature of an image
; Last changed: Feb 25, 2009
; Copyright © 2006-2009 Luca de Alfaro <>

...and one by elsamuko


here de Alfaro's one:

...and this is elsamuko's one: (under Colours / Color temperature...)
@Ofnuts, Dinasset

I think the OP is using the development Gimp 2.9.x

Both of those are GEGL functions.

Thanks for a respond guys.

I am using 2.9.6 GIMP
There is this option "Color to Gray" as it create 3D like structure out of picture. So just desaturation isn t enough for my case. It iseems it is part of GEGl operations integrated into menu.

What I don t understand - why isn t it possible to use GEGl functions in scripting - it makes it quite limitable.

temperature color - I didn t find function for input of stable values as I need it for batch processing.

Tools>GEGL functions in Gimp allow people to experiment/debug with things that will be in 2.10. They aren't always fit for everyday consumption. In particular gegl-c2g is a performance hog. And it doesn't really create a 3D look, is mostly increases local contrast. You can use it to do a poor man's HDR: duplicate layer, do c2g on the bottom one, and set top (unchanged) layer to "color" mode.

2.9.x is work-in-progress, you can't complain that you cannot use the bathroom in a house that is still being built Smile

This said, there are very many ways to do thing in Gimp, if you stated the original problem maybe we could come up  with a solution that doesn't involve functionality that doesn't exist (yet).

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