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Help with scaling a layer - image vanishes
Hello there - I am a novice user of Gimp and I'm having a problem that a friend of mine doesn't and we wonder if it is a Windows 11 issue.  What I am doing is the following:

First I open an image that is size 1024 x 1024.
Then I open as a layer another image but this much larger at 3054 x 3054
It seems I can only see a 1024 x 1024 section of this larger image
I then use the scale tool and replace the width 3054 with 1024
As soon as I click into the height box, this 2nd image vanishes just showing the first image
I hit the 'scale' button anyway
I suspect my 2nd image rescaled has moved to outside of the visible area - on one occasion I was able to bring this rescaled image back by using move tool and keeping finger on right cursor key and slowly this image slid back into view but it doesnt do this each time.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a Windows 11 quirk since my friend on Windows 10 doesn't get this result - on her computer the rescaling acts as one would expect.
Grateful for any advice
The added large layer is larger than the canvas, that is why you do not see all of it.
The Scale tool scales about the top left corner and puts the whole layer outside the canvas, and you see nothing.

There is a setting, top of the View menu > See All which does what it says.

Instead of the scale tool use the menu entry Layer > Scale Layer which scales about the center ( you are lucky your images are the same aspect ratio)

Both cases as an animation:
Thanks rich2005 - Scale Layer did exactly what I needed. Many thanks.
You can change the canvas size to 3054 x 3054 (or open the larger image first) if you want to see both images.

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