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Hide file tab
In GIMP 2.10 UI looks a bit different than formerly - we've got an image tab on the top (this is how I call it, see the screenshot) to switch between multiple files.
I searched for an answer to a question if it could be hidden because it wastes some workspace. But seems it's impossible.
So I want to ask if someone would like to write a script that would do this and save ourselves some screen space. I won't do this because I completely don't know how to code.

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That image tab was already there in Gimp 2.8, if you are in single window mode.

Scripts cannot remove that, because by design scripts cannot change the UI in Gimp.

It could be possible (note conditional) to tweak the theme to have smaller tabs.
This comes up every once in a while. There was a version, pre Gimp 2.8.10 -ish where a single open image did not have a tab in single window mode. Only when another image was opened.

This was rationalised to every open image has a tab.

Very-very unlikely that the devs will go back to the earlier setup.

Of course, if you only ever use a single image, then why not go back to multiple image mode and set up the windows to maximise the screen area.
I think I will have to do that. Though, single window mode looks more neat.

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