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How To Convert Image To An Icon?
I have Gimp 2.10

I want to convert an image to an icon.

I did that alright with some other tools - online web thing.

But I need an icon of <6KB  and the web thing produced something around 30KB.

I need <6 KB and < 90 x 90 px

So I took to Gimp to do something about it but I've finished up getting lost.

I export as .ico after doing the theme thing etc and I got a 768KB file.

Probably this is quick, easy simple task.  I need to ask for help.

Can someone set me straight here please - how to change my .jpg photo file to a an .ico file after selecting a portion of it?  AND have that ico file be less than 10KB ?

I've had an experiment with this image (90x89 pixels):

And the only way I can find to export it as a .ico under 10K is to export it as 4bpp:

That's great. I can't find how to do that on mine though. How is it done?
I showed the export dialog for .ico files

So I selected File>>Export As...
Changed the Name to end in .ico and pressed the Export button
I then got the dialog I showed above
Got it. Thanks.

That might be the best way.

I did find another way (didn't get a notification you'd replied so I kept looking). Index the image. Scale it to icon size - say 32 x 32 or something. Then export as ico.

Thanks for your help.


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