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How can I add the GIMP User Manual to a portable version of GIMP?
I've been using, and liking, the version of GIMP packaged and distributed as a Portable App.  I'm also experimenting with my own, home made, portable version of 2.9.x.  I like having the help installed along with GIMP.  Is there a way to do this without using the Windows Installer?
There is a chance.

The gimp help files install to a directory tucked away  ....path-to...\share\gimp\2.0\help\<language>
You want the US English language folder en

This in a Win7 VM with portableapps Gimp installed to a remote drive (E: )

[Image: N6rGcUK.jpg]

Does it work? It does here but no guarantees on Win10/other locations/other versions

[Image: lmo8VAQ.jpg]

How to get the help files? Well apart from your aversion to using the installer, which is little more than an archive unpacker  use the ones I unpacked for this example. On my storage  about 26 MB This unzips to help/en/<lotsoffiles>

An alternative, I use linux and do not want hundreds of files cluttering root up, so use a PDF.
A good one here, 900 pages, searchable and indexed. 32 MB
Very nice!  Many thanks,

I am using Win7 & may get to Linux before Win10.  However, I also like PDF so it is nice to find that as well.

It did appear to me as though the help installer was just going to extract an archive and that I might try just designating the appropriate directory on my thumb drive as the installation location but also appreciate the wisdom of those who know more about it than I do.
Do not know much about Windows but a quick test.

The help installer expects to find a GIMP 2 folder somewhere and will tack GIMP 2 on the end of whatever you select.

[Image: YAx6Hh6.jpg]

Just knock that off manually after browsing for that gimp folder.

[Image: EyWeywF.jpg]

That works here, this shows the installed help files. Most of Gimp help is HTML and 'universal-ish'.

[Image: okY5J28.jpg]

Best of luck

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