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How can I host a Google classroom meeting with a different account?
I've just installed the classroom app for my android device from the google play store. However I need to use a different account for classroom. When I run the app for the first time there is an Access window which tells me that I can log in by creating a new account. When I push that option the next screen allows me to enter my new email and password. But after doing this there is a warning message which tells me that my profile will be deleted why is this happening? Can someone explain this to me? Does this means that my already in use account in other google apps like youtube, gmail, samsung email, will be deleted or affected by this decision? Please I need someone to explain me this.

Assuming that after accepting delete and then I get to my classroom classes board. I click on the one which I am doing to administer. But I cannot find the Google meet icon where is it? How can I host a google meet from my class?. Please use a screenshot for helping me in this step.

Please note that by this time I already have created the invitation link that students will see.

Is it necessary to have Google meet set up previously? I mean for to use Classroom?. How do I set up Google meet?. Assuming that I already entered my google account, how do I enter or add a new account and switch to that new account in Google meet?. Can someone explain this to me please?. I ask this because, Is it required that google meet account matches the account to be used in classroom?.

I appreciate somebody could explain these questions to me.
Not sure you will find help about this app here...
Unless you got lucky that some one on this forum has this app and can help you, I would recommend to find a forum about this application.
If it's the Google classroom, maybe (I said maybe) you need to log first here ➤

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