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How can I use file-glob to only return files with certain extensions?
I'm trying to use python-fu in GIMP. I would like pdb.file_glob to return an array of image files in the format I specify. I tried:
myGlob = "*.png|*.PNG|*.jpg|*.JPG|*.gif|*.GIF|*.xcf|*.XCF"
globpath = os.path.join(patternDir, myGlob)
num_files, files = pdb.file_glob(globpath, 0)
But the files array is always empty, I assume because the glob syntax is invalid.
Note that if I use
I get the graphics files I want, but I also get files such as "fake.txt" and sub-directories, both I want to exclude.
I would also like the documentation for file-glob, I don't want to clone the repo and try and read the c++ source.
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