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How do I get rid of shadows on face photos for 3d models
I am trying to make up for the imperfect lighting conditions in a couple photos I took that I want to turn into textures for 3d models. The lighting on the sides of the nose, face, under the eyebrows, etc, are a slightly darker shade, and I have had trouble experimenting with the tools while being inexperienced with gimp. I would ideally like to have a brush which would lighten only a selected color. Thanks in advance for any help that I might receive.
You could try the dodge / burn tool for lightening. Use the fuzziest brush available. Larger brush size than you think necessary. Experiment with settings for opacity / hardness / force. Just 'dab' (single click) on the area. Not too much or it is nasty Wink not a tool I favour. Other than that, depends on the image, might be possible to clone adjacent areas in.

Thanks for the hint. I was not able to use this tool so far with proper results; ' use fuzziest brush and larger size' showed me the correct procedure.

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