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How do I reset -n switch?
For no reason that I understand, GIMP has suddenly begun launching two instances. I understand this is related to a setting on the -n switch, but I have no idea where to find this switch to turn it off or redefine it. I am unable to find any information about this anywhere on the web or this forum other than the discovery that this switch exists. I do not see it in preferences. Where else does GIMP 2.10 store settings
It is not stored in Gimp. It is likely defined in some Windows shortcut that starts Gimp.
I have never come across a switch automatically installed. Needs some user intervention.

In a Windows Shortcut looks like this


More probably in a batch file somewhere:

A list of Gimp command line switches
Those replies did shed some light on diagnostic paths. I understand about batch files, though I've never opened directly opened one.  I set off to find a GIMP batch file. First I checked properties for the Windows GIMP launch shortcut and saw no -n in the target field:


Next I search for .bat files within the main GIMP 2 folder and found only two .bat files. Neither contain that switch. Then I searched within GIMP 2 for "-n". That search took several minutes to come up empty.

I suspect that ripping GIMP out by the roots with Revo uninstaller might be faster than trying to find that switch, even with reinstalling a few plugins and resetting options. Or, maybe I just live with the workaround and let GIMP be as quirky as family and friends.

Just a couple of 'wondering ifs'

When you start up Windows before opening Gimp have you checked in task manager to see if that 'zombie' Gimp is there?

Do you actually shut Windows down, many users just suspend ?

The second Gimp must be started somewhere which means that somewhere the -n switch was used. I did try starting Gimp in different desktops without -n and that is not possible, rule that one out. It might be some sort of Windows 'macro' Do you have anything 'auto' running?

As well as the main Gimp installation folder, remember that there is also your Gimp profile to search.

Gimp is a very self-contained installation. Usually a regular uninstall works. You can check the the Gimp 2 folder has gone and if not have a look at what remains, before deleting. Might give some insight.

Uninstalling does not remove your Gimp profile. If you go down the brand-spanking-new route. Rename that and also any legacy .gimp-2.8 folder to prevent migration of old resources.

best of luck
If you open the "Processes" tab on the task manager, and check the "Command line" column(*) for the actual paramaters that stared the Gimp process.

(*) View>Select columns to add it if necessary.
Thanks for the reminder to restart Windows. I shut it down completely, and when I restarted, no instance of Gimp showed in task manager before I opened it, then it opened with two instances, as before.

I appreciate the instructions on how to find the Command line column there, and surprised to find that line is blank for Gimp.

I only use one desktop ever, so I had to scramble to find the option to open another. Gimp would not start a third instance there. When I moved Gimp from desktop 1 to 2, it moved. All of it.

Nothing in the profile folder was relevant.

Now that I understand more about possible causes, I suspect that removing Gimp, no matter how cleanly, will result in the same startup glitch. My next step in the near future will be to set a restore point before un-and re-installing so if that is the case, I can restore back to the current setup with ease. Beyond that, this now seems more relevant for a Windows forum than here. I appreciate all your generous ideas, and will keep you posted.

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