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How do I use the non-legacy version of Emboss from Python-fu?
(07-10-2024, 01:12 AM)weanoob Wrote: I'm writing a script that involves the use of emboss to create a specific effect. When I try
 it uses the legacy emboss effect. How can I use the non-legacy version from python?

(I was told to post this in Extending the GIMP, then saw this subforum and decided to start it here instead.)
There is no easy way to call the GEGL tools from a script, but it can be done, see here.
Go and have a look through Kevins post as Ofnuts link, there are other posts on the GimpChat forum.

To get you started. The GEGL syntax for emboss is here:

You can check for a valid command using Generic -> GEGL graph


...but to include that into a python script you need a utility plugin such as the attached . Your script will call that plugin. Also in the attached zip is an example

Unzip, and put both in your plugins folder.  The example registers in the tools menu as run_gegl I have tried in Win10 / Gimp 2.10.38 - it does work.

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