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How do you create decorative swirls?

Can these be done in GIMP?  Is there a way to widen or narrow are line in part of it but not all of it to create images like I've put in below?


GIMP 2.8.22
OS Mojave

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I guess that's better done with inkscape.
I think you said somewhere that you are coming from Ad*be Illustrator. Gimp is not a vector editor although you can import svg files from other programs. Truthfully you are better off using Inkscape for that type of shape.

Using Gimp, the paint tool has a 'smooth stroke' option.
Then to thin the ends of a line In the Filters -> Distorts menu the IWarp tool.

This in a Gimp 2.8 (2.10 is easier, the Warp tool works on the canvas, but otherwise much the same) 40 second rough demo Wink
Agreed that Inkscape is better.
But can be done in Gimp.

Here is an all-in-one screenshot.

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No idea if this works with Windows or MacOS but in linux you can copy straight from inkscape into the Gimp paths dock.

More than a minute so no imgur animation 1min 20 secs youtube. (no audio)

Thank you to all! I have downloaded Inkscape and will check out the tutorial above and others to get a handle on it!


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