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How to animate section of photo with ripple effect
I have a photo that I need to put the ripple effect only in the bottom third of the photo.  I imported the photo into GIMP 2.10.10 and then created an additional layer with the part that I wanted to put the ripple effect. While I was able to apply the ripple effect on the section, it created the ripple layers in a new tab.

I know that there is a way to do this, but I haven't been able to figure it out or find something thru Google.


Update 1:
The Waves filter works as expected in that the wave layers are in the same tab.

Update 2:
I copied the ripple layers from the new tab back into the original tab and I can get the ripple effect.  But I know that something is not correct as I should not have to do this in order to have a ripple effect on the photo.
There will be a few ways for that effect.  I used the ripple filter but use waves if it works, just experiment.

Maybe something like this.

Check that the image has transparency Layer -> Transparency -> Add Alpha Channel
Make a selection of the area for the effect - rectangular select tool. Give it a feather for a bit of blending into the background - Select -> Feather  I used 50, depends on the size of the image.
Apply the filter. This the ripple filter settings I used.  (waves already has clamp enabled - but check. It is for transparency)

Now for some semi-automation.
Duplicate the later, then Filter -> Repeat (filter)

Repeat that sequence, Duplicate layer / Repeat filter as many times needed for the animation. Does not have to be many six or seven maybe.

Now you can turn off the selection Select -> None

Check it is what you want, Filters -> Animation -> Playback Then optimize it Filters -> Animation -> Optimize for GIF

That gives a new image to export. Use settings with Frame Disposal -> Cumulative Layers

Gives me an animation like this:

Hmm... Waves might be a little more difficult Wink It is a GEGL thing.

Set up the same with a feathered selection, but duplicate the basic undeformed image say 6 times.

Start off either end of the layers, top is easiest. Set up the waves to suit, maybe like this with a phase shift of -1 (range is -1 to +1)

Move down a layer. No good repeating this one, just remains the same, so Filters -> ReShow Last brings up the Waves dialogue again.

Gimp keeps the last settings so choose that in presets then increase the phase shift to suit and OK it. Just keep repeating that sequence, down a layer, Waves dialogue, use last settings, adjust settings, OK. Eventually you get to the last layer:

All layers visible again, same procedure for the gif export. looks like this:

I think there might be an old animation script for this, somebody might know. Unlikely to work with Gimp 2.10
Thanks, I'll give that a try and let you know what happens!

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