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How to change the colour tone of all a specific colour in a photo?
I’d like to adjust the colour tone of all the aquamarine green armour plates in the top photo to the more luminous yellow-green colour in the second bottom photo. I’d like to preserve the light to dark shading in the green areas in the top photo and to leave the other colours as is. Is it possible to do this with Gimp on Windows and how please?

They’re model wargaming models and I’m thinking of painting up my collection using the nicer new models from the top photo (they come in grey plastic) but the original 1980s yellowy-green colour the faction had. I’d like to test how it might look before deciding which to go for I as could spend £20 or so on specific paints for either green. Thanks!


You can do this like this:
  1. open the 2 images in gimp
  2. with the Color Picker Tool, pick the yellow color on the "source" image (yellow aquamarines) to set your foreground color
  3. on the target image (green aquamarines), create a new layer and fill it the foreground color
  4. set this layer blending mode to Lch color
  5. add a black layer mask to this layer
  6. paint the layer mask with white color on the green areas 

Oups, I exchange the 2 images... Blush 
Whatever the procedure is the same, but here I use HSV Color instead of Lch Color blending mode.

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