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How to get paint tool to stop at selection borders

Please have a look at the following screen shot:

[img] painting elvis's tail.png[/img]

I prepared the selection so that I could click the paint tool between the two wavy lines and have it fill only between those lines.

But this is what happened:

[img] painting elvis's tail.png[/img]

Not only did it paint between the lines, but outside as well.

I was expecting the paint tool to propagate from the point where I clicked until it hit borders, those borders being both the lines I drew an the borders of the selection. It seem it did stop painting beyond the selection border, but then continued propagating until it got to the region outside the lines inside the selection, and then started painting again.

How do I configure the paint to stop propagating once it hits selection borders as well as lines drawn in the layer?

The selection is the "marching ants" (moving dotted line). When you fill the selection that is what gets filled (as seen in your second screen shot).

If you want to fill just between the two wavy lines then your selection must coincide with the wavy lines.

Try this:
Select the Fuzzy Select Tool
Click between the two wavy lines
If it is not what you want then Undo Ctrl-Z, adjust the Threshold, and try again.
The selection will probably end up 1 pixel short of where you want it. Do Select > Grow by 1.
The selection should now be on top of the wavy lines.
Now bucket fill

The select tools have 4 modes in the Tool Options:
Replace, Add, Subtract, Intersect.
Use these to adjust your selection if necessary.
(01-05-2018, 09:10 PM)Blighty Wrote: The selection is the "marching ants" (moving dotted line).

More accurately, the "marching ants" show where the selection is at least 50%. If you have a "feathered" selection, pixels that are less than half-selected are outside the marching ants lines.
Colourising line art also works very well with G'MIC - Black & white - Colourize lineart [propagation]

Is it something like this:

[Image: cY6E0im.jpg]

One way:

1. Use the fuzzy select tool to select inside the closed area.

If you used that selection it leaves a nasty border, so increase the selection by a pixel or two. Select -> Grow

2. Use the quick mask. The little icon bottom left toggles on and off. Painting in black subtracts from the selection (white adds to the selection)

3. With a suitable size brush, paint in the gap between the tail and the body.

4. Toggle the quick mask off. You now have your selection.
Use a new layer underneath That will keep the black outline crisp. Fill the selection.

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