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How to get rid of lines in texture of image?
Hi all, 

I would like to recreate an old jacket. After all those years they do not sell the fabric anymore. That's why I took a picture so I can get the fabric custom print the fabric. The original fabric was corduroy, so the texture of the fabric has these vertical lines. The images (vintage cars) on the fabric therefore also have vertical lines resulting in subtle color differences between the lines. 

I'm afraid that when I print it on corduroy again the vertical lines and color differences will be intensified, which will make it look weird. 

I've been trying to remove the lines and color differences using Gimp. So far I tried the default blur filters, the smudge tool and the resynthesizer health plugin, but without any good results. Does anyone here maybe have a tip or advice on how I can better remove the lines and make the cars have a solid even color? 


Any help is appreciated!
Try "Filters>Blur>Median blur" with a small radius value (2 or 3, if your sample is full-scale).

PS: très soixante-huitard...
Use G'Mic Qt plugin:

G'Mic Qt / Repair / Recursive Median (Median Radius 3 / Repeats 3)

Use 'Colours / Brightness- Contrast' on the result to get more powerful colors
What is the benefit of GMIC over the built-in filter? Can you make it work only horizontally (sizeY=0)?
Ofnuts, Qt GMic, just another possiblity to solve the problem

Another possibility to get rid of the lines on the drawing :

- copy the drawing on 3 layers
- make layer 2 50% tranparent (= middle layer)
- make layer 3 33% tranparent (= top layer)
- move layer 2 2 pixels to the left
- move layer 3 2 pixels to the right
- flatten the image
- use 'Colours / Brightness-Contrast' on the result to get more powerful colors

PS : there are still lines on the rear window of the blue bug, use the blur or the smudge tool to get rid of them
Thank you both for your tips Smile

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