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How to install 2.8 for Ubuntu
I want to remove GIMP 2.10 and install 2.8 since one script i created run super fast with no random pauses on 2.8
I looked around for solutions but couldn't find any good one
or i run into all sorts of trouble when I try to configure the unzip the tar.bz2 file
Thanks in advance
You can not just unpack an archive, Gimp in linux consists of many dependent packages.

I have a (k)ubuntu 18.04 (bionic) desktop which still comes with Gimp 2.8.22 as standard. The next one along 18.10 (cosmic) comes with Gimp 2.10.6

Trying to force a Gimp 2.8 installation in that latest version is almost sure to fail.

If you have the newer Ubuntu the easiest way is install a VirtualBox running one of the older Ubuntu's.

edit: As an alternative you could try something like PuppyLinux that can run from USB memory stick

Does look like Gimp 2.8.x can be installed.
Long time since I tried out puppylinux, be prepared for a (linux) culture shock.

There are other 'live' linux distros that will run from a CD/USB - Finding one that includes Gimp is the problem.
can i just downgrade my ubuntu to 18.04 somehow and reinstall GIMP?
It's okay now I just stuck my old USB stick that had old Ubuntu and installed it along new Ubuntu.
and installed GIMP and it's still 2.8 on old Ubuntu
when asked to upgrade I just said no.
Now I think I am good
The stock Gimp for Ubuntu 16.04LTS is Gimp 2.8.16 Can it run in Ubuntu 18.10 which comes with Gimp 2.10?

Nice if I could get an appimage to work, but problems with the paths to the resources and I am not that interested Wink so a half-way house.

edit: Missed changing one of the symbolic links so a new zip
The files are here:  59MB

Download, unzip put the two folders in your home partition. Run the file ~/GIMP.AppDir/

and an explanatory video: about 4 minutes

Normally I give no guarantees, this time absolutely no guarantees.

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